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I love to BRAG on GREAT things! This ACADEME is LIFE CHANGING if you're going to do what God created you to do! Allow this teaching to steer you in the right direction! Ms. Beverly Brown is definitely operating in her gift/talent! Each class gets better and better! 😍 Tonight, our guest speaker took us deeper into the things of God. The knowledge that he, DrVernet Alin Joseph imparted into us was simplistic, yet very thought provoking! I realized that I am NOT living my best life being a child of God! Thank God for grace & mercy; it's time to level up! I have so much more to share but I think you should check it out for yourself! I'm not the same person that I was when I first started. 🙆‍♀️ 🙅‍♂️ 👸 💁‍♂️Don't take my word, check it out and see for yourself! Thanks for bringing forth clarity, healing and deliverance!



It was wonderful celebrating together our accomplishment at our Dreamsteerer Academe' Graduation! I am so grateful to Ms. Beverly Brown, our Dreamsteerer, who did an amazing job! You have truly put your heart & soul in steering us in our journey. Your gift has been a blessing... & I'm glad to not only call you friend, but my Sister!A special night indeed!

Thank you DrWill Moreland for surprising us! Your presence & inspiring words was a blessing to us all. I truly appreciate you!

Thank you DrVernet Alin Joseph for pouring into our spirits the importance of productivity & how the world is waiting for us. You are much admired!

Thank you Photos by Elena and Jim for always gracing us with your love & serving with excellence! The evening would not have been complete without you!

And to my Dream Sisters! I Love you with all my heart! We made it through together making sure each other WIN! I love how we embraced each other, cried, laughed & prayed... we are family. Congratulations to us All! 💗 🦋 💗


2019 Dreamsteerer Grad

I wholeheartedly encourage you to take the time and do the [Dreamsteerer Academe'] class if the opportunity arises. The speakers that are brought in are also inspiring and encouraging. Beverly is an amazing, motivating teacher and all though she ran into hurdles herself she fought through them to provide us the opportunity to dream and was a shining example of being a dreamer. She is an inspiring and encouraging teacher. Ladonya is an inspiring example of success from the Dreamsteer Academe’ and was part of the reason I wanted to participate. If you have a dream or even you don’t think you need this class, it will change your life and open up your eyes to a whole new world and a new way of thinking and living your life. It is okay to dream! And it's even more okay to follow through with your dreams.


Beverly Brown You're amazing academy helps so many women to empower them to step into their true nature! Thank you for allowing me to speak and be a part of the education every year! I celebrate you and all of the ladies that have gone through this academy! See you this year again!

Change your Mindset, Ignite your Life and Shine On!


About last night...while being soo worried abut missing most of my Dreamsteerer class, the Universe saw fit for me to get there right on time.  It turns out that class hadn't really started yet..........I love this amazing class!!! I am learning so much about Myself.  As well as my sistahmates!! Leaving class, my beautiful instructor Beverly Brown introduced us to this wonderful woman who happens to be a Notary! I told her if she ever needs to help anyone in the deaf community, I'm your girl!! I almost missed out on one of my many blessings, but my sistahfriend Beverly Brown stepped in and helped that blessing to MANIFEST!!!! I'M TELLING YA'LL DON'T cheat yourself treat yourself to a whole new way of life!!! Step out on Faith and take this class you will not regret it!!!

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