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​Your Partner in Success  

The Dreamsteerer™ featured on the Dr. Nancy Knows Talk Sho​w

Your Passion Is My Passion


My dedication and passion for helping others develop their Dream is my greatest Vision and I hope to help YOU achieve YOURS.   

Along with one-on-one consultations, group consultations, workshops, inspirational speaking, hosting, planning events, and mentoring, I can also assist with pre-editing books and book printing.

Beverly is also the Founder of Dreamsteerer Academe', which is a nine-week course that helps you uncover, discover, and develop the Dream that God has placed in your heart to do which is your PURPOSE. 

Originally from New Orleans, La, Beverly now resides near Phoenix, Arizona.  She has worked in corporate America for many years while developing her dream of helping others to achieve their dreams for over twenty five years.  

She wants to unlock the key to your passion and make your Dream become a reality!

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