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Stay updated on what’s happening at Creative Consulting Dreams by reading my blog posts. I’ve helped Dreamers from all over to reach their potential, and I can do the same for you! With virtual communication, I can provide consultations from anywhere!

2023 has past and now 2024 is here! 

Are you prepared for what's coming?  Do you know where you're headed and how you're going to get there?  Are your Dreams in line with what you envision yourself being or pursuing in 2024?  

As I look back over 2023 I can say that despite setbacks, mishaps, unexpected occurrences there were SO MANY GREAT things that happened through the midst of it all.   My greatest disappointment was having to cancel my 6th consecutive year of Dreamsteerer Academe'.  I wanted it to be a continuous flow especially after reaching the five year milestone.  Yet, God said differently and evidently has another plan that's going to be bigger and better than the academy's before!  So stay tuned as it will be launched first quarter in 2023!  I pray that it is EVERYTHING I envision and even more!

2022 IS HERE and half way gone already!  DREAMSTEERER ACADEME' IS BACK STARTING OCTOBER 20TH.  This is the first introduction of the SEVEN week curriculum that will be on ZOOM and IN-PERSON at The UPLIFT CENTER in Gilbert, AZ.

There have been so many success stories from the past graduates of the academy and I can't say just how PROUD of them I am.  I hope to continue helping DREAMERS to uncover, discover and develop what God has placed in their hearts to do - which is your true Passion!  Register for the academy or sign up for one on one or group consultations, of which I am also available for.  Either way let's make YOUR DREAMS a TRUE REALITY! 

2021 has been an epic and challenging year! Even though  2020 was the most memorable year on EARTH for the entire world due to covid,  2021 did provide many great challenges that were overcome and proved fruitful for any Dreamers that TRULY believed in their Vision that they have a greater purpose for their lives.  Stay tuned for a recap of and update of my Blog at the end of 2021!

2020 is going to be EPIC!

Posted on January 18, 2020, at 12:45 AM

Well, it's 2020 and it's coming in STRONG! So many great vibrations in the air of new birth, new life, new vision, new dreams, new finances, new goals, and yes....wait for struggles. I add this because life is never all good it will always have some bad along the way. However, with all the new struggles come new opportunities for success. For with every obstacle that we manage to overcome we get that much closer to a GREATER victory that makes room for our GROWTH that leads to us accomplishing our goals, dreams, and vision.

I, for one, ended 2019 with empowering myself more with daily inspirational videos and of course with reading and studying the Bible more. There truly is truth in speaking positivity and reciting and listening to daily affirmations. And what are affirmations? They truly are your psyche job for yourself. A psyche job of saying to yourself you have already achieved what you WANT! You have to learn to believe what has not yet happened and I mean TRULY believe. In essence, you have to literally lie to yourself in the present in order to make the future happen.

I didn't think it was true until I stuck with it for 30 days and small but very noticeable things started manifesting. Unexpected sums of money started appearing from different avenues that were totally unexpected. Small little usual happenings of the last item on the shelf being exactly what you were looking for - the only one just sitting there waiting. The only dress you were looking for - sitting there in the right size and color...etc..

However, I will end here because I will have more news to share in a few stay tuned and SPEAK AS THOUGH IT IS ALREADY HAPPENING OR HAPPENED! The Dreamsteerer


Posted on September 23, 2019, at 4:10 PM

Wow, that is all I can say about yet another successful nine weeks of DREAMSTEERER ACADEME'! Classes were awesome and also very challenging at the same time. So many of the Dreamers were fighting obstacle after obstacle in order to attend the classes and yet they fought through to finish and graduate! As with all of the classes, it started with more but the majority stayed with it and battled through the assignments, homework, and class interaction to make it a totally eventful and successful class.

I cannot say enough about the GREAT SPEAKERS that honored the class with their time, wisdom, encouragement, and inspiration. I would like to especially THANK them and ACKNOWLEDGE them all: Angel Marie Monachelli, Dr. Brenda Combs, Lisa Guice, Tamika Williams, with a very special opening with the world-renowned Dr. Will Moreland and ending the classes with the phenomenal Dr. Vernet Alin Joseph! How they blessed the classes and me is just beyond words. And to top it off the PHENOM, Mrs. Sharise Erby-Castle delivered the commencement speech at the Graduation! How I could have been so blessed to have them all speaking words of wisdom to my class is still beyond my wildest dreams. (GOD IS GOOD).

This was also the first time that I introduced The Dreamsteerer Academe's Instructor Certification program of which Ms. La Donya Yvette (2018 Graduate) was the first to be asked and completed with perfect attendance! Truly an honor to have her and so proud to have her provide all of the inspiration that she bought to the class and for all that she has accomplished since graduating in 2018! So happy to have her be the first!!

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FOLLOWING 2019 DREAMSTEERER ACADEME' GRADUATES and look for their pics on the Photo Gallery page:


If you are interested in attending 2020's class and would like more information, please complete the form on the Dreamsteerer Academe page. Looking forward to seeing you in the 2020 class or even before for a one-on-consultation if you need help before then. 


Posted on May 11, 2019, at 3:25 PM

I am TREMENDOUSLY excited to be able to host Dreamsteerer Academe' at the ASU (Arizona State University) SKYSONG INNOVATION CENTER in Scottsdale, Arizona! This facility is beautiful and upscale! As I endeavor to improve on the locations of the academy (until I can own my own) I hope to offer a space where the Dreamers will feel that as soon as they step into the room, their hopes for their dreams will be revived.

I am extremely happy, grateful, and thankful to Tamika Williams of Wealthy Concepts to have found this location for me because she was able to see my vision for where I wanted to host my next and hopefully future events!

I so look forward to this upcoming class of Dreamers and speakers that will be honoring the Dreamers with their experiences and pearls of wisdom. This class will be the biggest (I hope) as I endeavor to help 30 Dreamers uncover, discover, and develop what God has already placed in their hearts to do. I will be even more excited as they continue their journey after graduation and launch their vision through continued consultations by myself, The Dreamsteerer, or any other consultant or consultations that fulfill their needs. For it's not about the consultant, it's about the DREAMER finding the right fit to pursue their DREAMS.

In this session, we will also be incorporating optional classes at the Microsoft Store in Scottsdale to learn about the different Microsoft Office programs that will enable them to develop and market their business or venture! I am TRULY excited about that, as well!

Here's looking towards a GREAT 2019 DREAMSTEERER ACADEME' class! Woohooo and I hope to see you there!

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