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2020 is going to be EPIC!

Posted on January 18, 2020 at 12:45 AM

Well it's 2020 and it's coming in STRONG!  So many great vibrations in the air of new birth, new life, new vision, new dreams, new finances, new goals and yes....wait for struggles.  I add this because life is never all good it will always have some bad along the way.  However, with all the new struggles come new opportunitiesfor success.  For with every obstacle that we manage to overcome we get that much closer to a GREATER victory that makes room for our GROWTH that leads to us accomplishing our goals, dreams and vision.

I, for one, ended 2019 with empowering myself more with daily inspirational video's and of course with reading and studying the Bible more.  There truly is truth in speaking positivity and reciting and listening to daily affirmations.  And what are affirmations?  They truly are your psyche job for yourself.  A psyche job of saying to yourself you have already achieved what you WANT!  You have to learn to believe what has not yet happened and I mean TRULY beleive.  In essence you have to literally lie to yourself in the present in order to make the future happen. 

I didn't think it was true until I stuck with it for 30 days and small but very noticable things started manifesting.  Unexpected sums of money started appearing from different avenues that were totally unexpected.  Small little usual happenings of the last item on the shelf being exactly what you were looking for - the only one just sitting there waiting. The only dress you were looking for - sitting there in the right size and color...etc..

However, I will end here because I will have more news to share in a few stay tuned and SPEAK AS THOUGH IT IS ALREADY HAPPENING OR HAPPENED!  The Dreamsteerer

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