Creative Consulting Dreams

Beverly Brown, 
Consultant / Dreamsteerer      

Greetings and Welcome to Creative Consulting Dreams!

I revel in steering people towards their goals, dreams and  vision.  Entrusting me with your vision is an honor and I will provide all the assistance, help and encouragement you need to attain your goal, dream or vision.   If you have an idea, goal or vision you need help to provide clarity in order to attain -  call or contact me today.   First three consultations are free  and future consultations start as little as $25 per session. 


                             "Let me help steer you towards your God-given goals and dreams" is my motto as a 'Dreamsteerer '

                              "Let me, help you, make your business better" is my  motto as a Consultant for Small Businesses

**VISION 2017*** 


"YOU CAN DO IT!" - $10/no shipping charge thru March 18, 2017

(all personally autographed)


I'll build you a starter website to showcase your business!